Fireworks program focuses on chemistry

June 16, 2011

Join us for “Professional Fireworks: Behind the Scenes” on Thursday, June 23, at 7 pm, in the Library’s Meeting Room!

Chemist Jordan Fantini will talk about the chemistry of fireworks, how colors are produced (see a small lab demonstration!), and how basic explosives work.

For adults and grades 6 & up.

Fireworks expert Tom Poulton, scheduled to co-present with Fantini, is unfortunately unable to attend.

Learn how fireworks shows are created with Tom Poulton & Jordan Fantini!

See mortars, control panels, igniters, and more with these firework experts – Poulton works on Red, White & Boom; Fantini is a chemist with special interest in pyrotechnics.

Learn about the history & chemistry of fireworks, their use in historical Columbus celebrations, and how shows are choreographed to music.

For adults and grades 6 & up.

No explosive instruction or materials will be presented.

Questions? Call Circulation at 614-486-2951.