150+ full magazines free online


Download or view full digital copies of more than 150 popular magazines for free with Zinio, the newest service in our Digital Library.

Get the exact same material you get in print. Some issues even include video, audio, and links! Magazine issues are not checked out, so they’re always available any time.

All you need is your Grandview Library card and an email address (to create an account on Zinio).

  • Get step-by-step instructions (PDF), follow this a user guide with screenshots, or view an instructional video.
  • View the magazine list (PDF).
  • Get free mobile apps for Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry Playbook. (View only; you must check out magazine through a browser before viewing on an app.) Kindle Fire special instructions.
  • TIP: If you want to select additional magazines after you have made a selection, click on the tab that says “Return to Library Collection”. This will take you to the Library’s collection of magazines.
  • ZINIO IS ALWAYS FREE THROUGH THE GRANDVIEW LIBRARY. If you see a cost associated with a title you have selected, you have landed on the Zinio company’s main page, instead of going through the Grandview Library’s link to the Zinio magazine site, which is: www.rbdigital.com/clcoh/zinio. You do not need to buy!
  • Zinio online magazine titles do not necessarily reflect magazine titles offered in Reference on the second floor of the Library.
  • Questions? Call Reference at 614-481-3776.