EXHIBIT: Surviving Winter

mobile_exhibit_winter_252x252See natural specimens along with dynamic educational content, book displays, and a craft table at the current GHPL Mobile Exhibit called Surviving Winter, located in the library atrium on the lower level from December 1, 2017-January 31, 2018.

The exhibit is part of the Natural Wonders series in collaboration with the Museum of Biological Diversity at The Ohio State University.

GHPL Mobile Exhibits combine wonder, engagement, and learning with all-in-one, interactive mobile kiosks for all ages.

These compact, museum-quality kiosks featuring:

  • Showcases for artifacts and specimens
  • Engaging, educational visuals
  • Craft table for all ages
  • Interactive touchscreen
  • Book displays

mobile_exhibit_winter_squirrel_252x252The project is funded with private money by the Grandview Heights Public Library Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to raise private funds to ensure the long-term financial security of the library and enhance its services to serve the community. Recent projects include the GHPL PopUp Library and WiFi in Grandview Parks.

The library collaborates with museums and institutions to provide dynamic, educational content for themed exhibitions that support Ohio’s Learning Standards from the Ohio Department of Education.

The Natural Wonders series kicked off with Skeletons, Disguises, and Creatures of the Night (10/06/17-12/01/17), which featured three interactive kiosks that included bat, fish, bird, and insect specimens.

Visit ghpl.org for upcoming exhibits and future exhibitions and partnerships.