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Automated Phone Renewal

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Circulation Policies

Can I turn in my books after the Library is closed?
After hours, the book drops are usually available. If one or both are full or jammed, do not force material into the slot or leave items outside on the ground. If the items are stolen, you will be responsible financially for what is taken.

How long can I check out my items?
Loan periods vary by the type of item. Most items may be renewed up to three times if there are no requests.

How do I renew items? 
  • Automated phone renewal: 877-77-BOOKS (877-772-6657)
  • Call Circulation at 614-486-2951 or Youth Services at 614-481-3778 during open hours.
  • Go to, click on "My Account" and log in. Click on the "Items Out" tab, select the items you wish to renew, and then select one of the two renew buttons at the bottom of the page.
Note: Most Grandview items may be renewed up to three times. If someone else has requested an item, it may not be renewable and should be returned as soon as possible to avoid incurring additional fines.

How many items can I check out at a time?
  • For the first 30 days you have a Library card, you may have 10 items checked out at any one time.
  • After 30 days, if your card is in good standing (you have less than ten overdue items and owe less than $10), you may check out more items (see below).
  • We reserve the right to limit certain collection areas, if needed.
How many items can I check out at a time after I have had my Library card for 30 days?
You may have up to 100 items at one time after you have had your Library card for 30 days, with these maximum limits:

  • Books - unlimited (up to a grand total of 100 items)
  • CDs - 40
  • DVDs - 20
  • Video games - 5
  • Vinyl records - 3
  • Preloaded e-readers - 1
How do I reserve something?
You can reserve items by going to our catalog and entering your barcode & PIN, or you can go to one of the desks at the Library and someone will reserve the item for you. You can have up to 75 holds on your list at a time.

How do I temporarily suspend my holds so I won’t miss them if I am out of town, or just want them at a later time?
Holds may be suspended only if the status says "Requested". Once an item status says "Shipped" or "Held*", it cannot be suspended. There are two ways to suspend your holds:
  • Call Circulation Services (614) 486-2951 or Youth Services (614) 481-3778 and ask us to suspend your holds until a specific date.
  • Go to, click on "My Account" and log in. Select the "Requests" tab, and select the items you wish to suspend. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Suspend/Reactivate Selected". In the “New Activation Date” box, enter the earliest date you want your hold to be reactivated.
NOTE: If the status says "Held" and you are unable to pick it up by the “held until” date, call the Library 614-486-2951. We can check the item out to you and put it back on the hold shelf.

How much does it cost to borrow items from the Library?
Borrowing or checking out items is free. If items are brought back past their due date, there is an overdue fee.

  • Once they reach $10, fines must be paid in full or partially paid before more items may be checked out. 
  • You may have only 10 overdue items on your card at a time.
Homebound Delivery
Do you know someone in the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff area who is homebound - even on a temporary basis, such as an illness - who would like to have Library materials delivered to his or her home?

  • Volunteers for the Grandview Library deliver books, large print books, audiobooks, and some DVDs to area homebound residents on Thursday mornings.
  • The homebound patron may select titles, or have Library staff choose for them.
  • For more information, contact Maryanne at 486-2951 or
DVD/CD disc cleaning tips
Get simple instructions on how to clean a DVD/CD disc. If a Library disc severely damaged, contact Circulation at 614-486-2951 or let a staff person know when you visit the Library.


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