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Tell us why you love your library!

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Loving Our Library

Great Staff, Great Stuff

“I love this Library so much. It is neat, clean, and convenient with a GREAT staff and an awesome selection!”

YS, Fun for tots AND teens

The Youth Services Department is just the best! We have thoroughly enjoyed Story Time and especially love that you have an afternoon option. The kids just love the dollhouse, train table, fish tank, puzzles and the crafts!! On top of that, there is something for every age group of kids. The teens have their own area and their own programming, and the staff in Youth Services is so great. Many thanks for serving our community so well.

A local gem; no mining required

I am a teacher, a librarian, a parent and grandparent. Picture books are a passion. I discovered the Grandview Library over 35 years ago when I moved to Columbus. It is a gem of a library. Little did I know that the Grandview Library would one day be the spark for my dream trip.

Eight summers ago, I was browsing the Children’s section with my 2 year old grandson. The picture book Spree in Paree caught my eye. (I am also a Francophile. I have traveled to France many times). I checked it out. I especially liked the illustrations. The author/illustrator,Catherine Stock, was unknown to me. I Googled her. Catherine lives in Rignac, France where she paints and writes and illustrates children’s books. She also teaches watercolor classes in the French countryside. There it was! The trip that I had dreamed of taking someday. The following summer I was there!

Thanks to email, I am in still in touch with Catherine and the 2 French ladies who took lessons with me.

Oh what I would have missed had I not gone to the Grandview Library that summer day. It is a gem of a library. -R.M.

Read, Love, Learn: Pass It On

I have loved going to the library since I was tiny, tiny! I also have enjoyed my time working at the library. When I moved here to Columbus with my husband 12 years ago the first thing we did was find the neighborhood library (Grandview).

My first job that I happened to have when we moved here was working at the circulation desk. I really enjoyed the job and getting to know my coworkers and neighbors and making lasting friendships. Even when we moved about 8 miles away we still make a monthly trip to the Grandview Library to check things out, see familiar faces and just relax in the different areas of the library.

For me the library has always been a way to escape the busyness of day to day. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly and truly enjoy their jobs with the library. My goal is to pass my love for libraries down to my grandchildren so that they might enjoy what I have all these years – reading and learning! - K.G.

Deck Builders

My husband and I decided to fence in our backyard and actually do the project ourselves. We came to the Grandview Library and researched the topic, finding just what we needed for inspiration and instruction. It did take a while, but thanks to the Library we saved a lot of steps and money.

Birthday Kindle!

I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday and did not know where to begin. The Grandview Library had an information session that helped me get acquainted with it and even learn about all the resources that I can download for free. I guess the future will be more than just physically checking books out. I’m excited!

Where everybody knows your name!

It’s the people. When I come towards the circulation desk there is always a greeting and a smile. Some even know my name!

Staff, Mysteries, and Music

I love this Library because: 1. The staff is friendly, helpful , knowledgeable, available and everything else good. 2. I find the mystery books I love to read – even some of the OLD ones, which I actually prefer. 3. When I was leading “wheelchair” residents of 1st Community Village Healthcare Center in DANCE, this library provided perfect music. Staff always found what I needed! YES!

Simply the best

Hands down the BEST Library in Columbus.

All types of movies, all free

I love the variety of movies – better than Blockbuster or Red Box! And FREE!

Concerts for the community

I love access to information. It’s such a vibrant part of the community. I love the displays and outdoor concerts.

Knock, Knock. Who's there? THE LIBRARY!

I love the Homebound Program.

Librarians out and about

The librarians are so nice to all of the kids and recognize them outside of the library.

Teens chillin' in the basement

I love how there’s a space for teens to hang out.


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