Meeting & Conference Rooms

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Available free of charge for non-profit purposes only.



  • Location: Lower level, near Youth Services.
  • Seats up to 60 with chairs only.
    • NOTE: Stacked chairs that are used must be restacked after room use.
  • Seats up to 50 at tables.
    • Tables provided; group must do own set-up and take-down.
  • Kitchenette equipped with counter, sink, microwave, small under-counter refrigerator, 12-cup coffeemaker, and electric kettle.
  • Dry erase boards with markers. (Boards also flip to bulletin boards.)
  • Digital projector (mounted to ceiling), pull-down screen, and wall-mounted speakers. Projector accessories & instructions available at the Reference desk.
  • Podium with microphone and wall-mounted speakers. Contact staff for assistance.
  • Free wireless & wired Internet.
  • Room size: 44’L x 24.9′ W x 8’H.



  • Location: West side of the atrium, near the community kiosks.
  • Seats up to 12 around conference-style table.
  • Smart Board.
  • Dry erase boards with markers.
  • Free wireless & wired Internet.
  • Room size: 19’L x 16’W x 7.7’H.



  • Location: West side of the atrium, near the community kiosks.
  • Seats 16-20 around conference-style arrangement of eight tables which can be rearranged; please reset the tables if you rearrange them.
  • Digital projector (mounted to ceiling). Projector accessories & instructions available at the Reference desk.
  • Free wireless & wired Internet.
  • Room size: 24.11’L x 15.10’W x 7.7’H.


Rooms are available free of charge for NON-PROFIT PURPOSES ONLY during open hours. A group or individual may NOT make a profit from events held in the rooms. Meeting rooms may not be used for the promotion or sales of services or products, the cultivating of client names, fundraising, or conducting classes for profit. No admission or attendance charge or required donation may be assessed by any non-Library group using a meeting room.

Bookings are taken no more than SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Reservations on an ongoing basis are allowed only if the schedule permits. Groups using the rooms may not arrive earlier than the Library’s regular opening time and must be cleaned up and ready to leave when the Library closes. Individuals or organizations may not leave items in Library meeting rooms overnight without prior approval from Administrator or Office Manager.

Groups may not post directional or promotional signs advertising their activity either inside or outside the Library.

An adult age 18 or older who is willing to be responsible for the activity and use of room must be present. All cleanup is the responsibility of the group. A vacuum cleaner is available for the Meeting Room; please ask staff for assistance.

A fee for cleanup will be assessed if not done properly. Misuse of a room and/or violation of the use agreement will preclude further use of either room.

Our facilities are handicapped-accessible.


The Library is not responsible for injury arising from use of the facility. The Library is not responsible for equipment or other items used by outside groups.

The Library staff will provide access to tables and chairs.

The Library staff will not set up the room or take down tables and chairs.

Parking is available in two parking lots and on the street.

Groups larger than 20 and those staying all day should carpool and park on the street, or the second parking lot (at Oakland & First avenues). Parking space in the main lot (behind the Library) is primarily for short term users.

Use of the Library Staff Room is prohibited.

Food may be served, however, no smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Flammable materials such as candles or tea lights are prohibited without prior permission of the Library Administration.

Reservations may not be transferred to other people or groups.

The Library does not automatically schedule forward for ongoing meetings. Each group must reschedule as needed.

Room users are expected to keep the noise of their activities to a level that cannot be heard outside the closed doors of the room. No musical performances allowed, other than those that are a part of Library programming.

TO CANCEL USE, the responsible person or group leader must notify Administration at 614-486-2954 or cancel via your confirmation email.

IF YOUR ACTIVITY IS CANCELED, PLEASE NOTIFY THE LIBRARY as described above, both prior or same day cancellations. Thank you!

DONATIONS for room use are welcome. Please make your check payable to the Grandview Library and mail it (1685 W. First Ave. Columbus OH 43212) or leave it with a staff person at a Library desk.


Quiet meeting, study, and reading spaces are available throughout the library, including:

AREA-Reference Study Rooms 0309
  • Three small Study Rooms on the second level in Reference.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • No reservations are possible: rooms are “first come, first served” upon arrival.
  • “The Basement” on the lower level
  • Large public space with: tables & chairs, juvenile books, computers, and wireless Internet access.
  • Geared towards youth grades 7-12.
  • Atrium space on the lower level.
  • Tables & chairs and WiFi Internet access.
  • Quiet conversation is permitted.
  • Quiet Reading Room on the second level.
  • Tables & chairs.
  • Conversation is NOT permitted.