Holds ensure faster access to GHPL items


This year, three library systems—Columbus Metropolitan Library, Worthington Libraries, and Southwest Public Libraries—will combine resources with the Central Library Consortium (CLC), of which the Grandview Heights Public Library (GHPL) is a founding member and the Administering Library.

This partnership results in 11 library systems serving 1.4 million residents across six counties with nearly 1.2 million titles. This will double the number of titles all of these libraries currently offer.

How can GHPL patrons get faster access to GHPL items? Place holds! 

GHPL-owned materials go to GHPL patron requests before going to any other CLC library patron.

  • Your number in the hold queue (also the number you see when you access your account online) is based on all CLC patrons, but your place in the list doesn’t necessarily correlate with the time it will take to get your hold.
    • For instance, if you are the next GHPL patron on the hold list, but you are #12 in the entire hold queue, the next GHPL copy that becomes available will go to the first GHPL patron – you!  The next GHPL copy that becomes available will go to the next GHPL patron, even though that patron’s place in the complete hold queue might be #20.
  • The Grandview Library tries to offer multiple copies of items to fill GHPL patron holds. Once there are no more GHPL patron holds on a GHPL-owned title, that item is then released to fill holds at other CLC libraries.

Enjoy access to twice the materials thanks to more CLC library partners, but remember: Placing holds with your GHPL card ensures faster access to GHPL items!

Questions? Call Circulation at 614-486-2951 or access your account through our onlinecatalog.