Automatic Holds for Favorite Authors

Get automatic holds for new titles from our list of 60 popular authors. You will be notified when your holds are ready.

Automatic Renewal

Many library materials automatically renew at the end of their lending periods.

  • If you currently receive reminder notices by email or text message, the day before materials are due, you will be notified which materials were automatically renewed along with the new due dates.
  • As in the past, materials requested by other patrons or items that have been renewed the maximum number of times will not be eligible for automatic renewal.
  • Some materials that are not eligible for automatic renewal may be available for renewal online, by phone, or in person.
  • If you currently do not receive email reminder notifications, items will still automatically renew, but we would encourage you to change your account from phone notification to email so that you will know which materials have renewed and which have not.
  • Please keep in mind you will still need to pay close attention to your account to review your due dates.
  • Most libraries in the Central Library Consortium (CLC), of which GHPL is a Founding Member and Administering Library, also will offer automatic renewal, making many materials borrowed through these CLC libraries eligible for the service.
  • Access your account online or call the library 614-486-2951, or call 1-877-772-6657 (1-877-77-BOOKS) to check due dates.

Board Games

board_gamesCreate opportunities for all ages to play and learn by checking out a board game from the Grandview Heights Public Library (GHPL).

Forty-six games are available from the library, thanks to a $1,249 grant from the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation.

Games offer many learning opportunities. Children can learn early literacy skills such as letter and number recognition, memory development, and vocabulary. Older children improve skills such as logical thinking abilities, communication, and social skills. Games also create opportunities to bridge generation gaps and create fun memories for the whole family.

Each game was carefully selected based on reviews, awards, staff experiences with the games, and their educational components. The selection of games covers a wide target age range and can be enjoyed by families, community groups, and even classrooms. Sturdy carrying cases for the games were also purchased with the grant.

GHPL and the Education Foundation have partnered to create this lending program as a way for foster different types of learning styles and encourage lifelong learning. GHPL and the Education Foundation partnered to provide GHPL’s Early Learning Backpacks lending program in 2016 and Acoustic Guitar Lending program in 2015.

Games are available and on display in Youth Services on the lower level of the library.

Games circulate for 28 days, are available for checkout only at GHPL, and must be returned to GHPL. Overdue fines are 10 cents per day.

BookPage Newsletter

Monthly literary newspaper BookPage is available at the library for free, courtesy of the Friends of the Grandview Library.

Career Coaching

Reserve a free, 30-minute career coaching session in our Conference Room with Fred Points, of the Career Center at Jewish Family Services, by calling 559-0118.


One copy machine is located on the second floor of the library. Prices are 10 cents for black & white and 25 cents for color, payable by paper and coin money.

Community Links

NOTE: A group’s presence on the library’s website does not imply any endorsement, ownership, or responsibility of these groups on the part of the Grandview Heights Public Library.

Coupon Exchange

Leave a coupon and/or take a coupon at this small kiosk in Circulation on the second floor of the library. A popular service for 30+ years.

Courtesy Phone

A courtesy phone is available to the public for local calls only (plus 9-1-1 and some 800 numbers) in the lower level of the library. The phone will not:

  • Call the operator.
  • Call international numbers.
  • Call long distance (toll access) numbers.
  • Call denied numbers (porn lines and such).
  • Call equal access (1010) numbers.
  • Receive an incoming call.

Users are asked to talk quietly and observe a reasonable time limit on use of the phone.

Digital Media

Stream and download thousands of books, movies, TV show, music, audiobooks, and comic books.

Search our catalogs:


Choose from 15+ e-newsletters, from GHPL news to your favorite book genres.


Five Barnes & Noble Nook and two Apple iPad Mini e-readers featuring a collection of bestsellers are available for home loan.

  • Each Nook is designated with books from a particular genre:
    Nook 1 — Romance
    Nook 2 — Mystery/Suspense
    Nook 3 — History/Biography
    Nook 4 — Fiction Bestsellers
    Nook 5 — Nonfiction Bestsellers
  • Both Minis include books in all of these genres, as well as graphic novels.
  • Internet browsing is available on the iPad Minis. A WiFi connection is required.
  • Each e-reader circulates for 28 days with one renewal if there are no holds. Late fines are $3/day.
  • E-readers are available at the Reference desk. A GHPL card in good standing and a state-issued ID are required.
  • iPad Minis were donated by the Tri-Village Noon Lions Club and by the Kiwanis Club of Northwest Columbus and can be used by visually-impaired patrons (Braille instructions are provided).

Early Learning Backpacks

Help your child get ready for Kindergarten by reserving an Early Learning Backpack from the Grandview Heights Public Library (GHPL).

Thirty-one backpacks from the Early Childhood Resource Center are available from the library, thanks to a $2,139 grant from the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation.

Each themed backpack includes high-quality early learning materials, books, and activities with easy-to-follow activity guides that make learning fun. Learning is supported by incorporating the four Early Learning Content Standard areas: Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science. Tools for social and emotional development also are provided.

GHPL and the Education Foundation have partnered to create this lending program as a way for parents and caregivers to ensure kids are ready for Kindergarten and to support Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. In 2015, GHPL and the Education Foundation partnered to provide GHPL’s Acoustic Guitar Lending program, which focuses on music education through hands-on collaborative learning for all ages.

Backpacks are available and on display in Youth Services on the lower level of the library.

Each backpack circulates for 28 days with a GHPL card, are available only at GHPL (unavailable through our consortium), and must be returned to GHPL. Overdue fines are 10 cents per day.

Exam Proctoring

Test proctoring is available for free in Reference on the second floor of the library.

  • The Test Taker is responsible for scheduling an appointment to take the exam with the Proctor. If the Proctor is not available to confirm the appointment when the Test Taker delivers the deposit, the Proctor will contact the Test Taker to set up a time. The Proctor should be given at least one week notice before the date when the Test Taker wishes to take the exam. Exams cannot be proctored on weekends. Walk-in proctoring requests cannot be accommodated.
  • A $20 deposit (cash or check) is required to confirm an appointment. The deposit will be returned at the time of the test. If the Test Taker must cancel or change the time of the exam, at least 24-hour notice must be given to the Proctor or the deposit will not be returned. If the Test Taker cancels the exam 24+ hours before the scheduled appointment the deposit will be returned. If the Test Taker is more than 15 minutes late for the appointment without notification, s/he will forfeit the appointment and the deposit will not be returned.
  • If the Proctor needs to change the date or time of the exam, s/he will contact the Test Taker as early as possible.
  • Beyond name and GHPL email, the Proctor will not provide any personal information to the Test Taker’s school/institution. No staff credentials or letters confirming position will be provided.
  • Exams will be administered at the library. We cannot guarantee a quiet environment.
  • The Proctor may not be able to continuously monitor the exam. The Test Taker’s computer screen is not completely visible to the Proctor.
  • Online or paper exams can be administered. After the exam has been completed, the finished test can be submitted online, attached to an email, faxed, or sent by USPS or other carrier. Envelopes and postage must be provided by the student or institution. A fee of $1/page is charged for faxed documents.
  • Test takers may use their own computers (if allowed by their school/institution) or use a laptop owned by GHPL.
  • The Test Taker must verify via phone or email that the Proctor has received the exam or login at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  • Test Takers must bring a picture ID with them on the day of the exam.
  • Test Takers must bring any special items (calculator, graph paper) that they may need for the exam.
  • Exams should be finished at least 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • GHPL is not responsible for interruptions of the testing process, such as loss of internet connection or power in the building.
  • GHPL is not responsible for confirming that the school/institution has received the completed exam. When available, printed copies of the test will be kept for 2 weeks, in the event it needs to be resent.
  • The Test Taker must confirm that these Guidelines are acceptable to his/her school/institution.
  • The Test Taker must fill out and sign the GHPL’s Proctoring Agreement.
  • Questions? Call Reference at 614-481-3776.


Digital scanning and faxing are available at a special station in Reference.

  • Digital scanning is free.
  • Please limit use to 15 minutes when others are waiting.
  • Send your scanned document (for free) to: Email, smartphone/tablet (you must have a QR code reader app downloaded to your phone), Google Docs, USB, SkyDrive (Microsoft docs), B&W printer ($.10 per page) or color printer ($.25 per page).
  • FAX: $1 per page (U.S. and Canada only).
  • Coin-operated station accepts $5 and $1 paper bills, and $.25, $.10, and $.05 coins.

Free Online Courses

  • (GHPL card required)
    Thousands of online courses from experts including business, web, job searching, photography, and more.
  • Gale Courses (GHPL card required)
    Instructor-led, six-week online courses and career training certificate programs.

GHPL PopUp Library

The library introduced an electric-powered, mobile library in 2015, funded with private money by the GHPL Foundation.

GHPL’s PopUp Library is a low-speed, electric vehicle specially customized to transport and display library materials. Visitors can browse and check out a selection of materials, get a library card, and learn more about library resources and services from staff.

The PopUp Library will keep a regular schedule of visits throughout Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff, including: outreach, school visits, park and pool visits, and local special events like the Grandview Hop, Grandview Digfest, Tour De Grandview, Grandview Farmers Market, and the Memorial Day Parade.

The selection of popular materials for kids and adults changes according to the theme of each visit.

A GHPL staff team created the vehicle concept and worked to create a graphic design with Mike Dexter, a Grandview resident and GHPL volunteer who has designed logos for the City of Grandview Heights, The Grandview Area Chamber, The Lazy Daze of Summer Festival, and more.

GHPL PopUp Library video on Vine


Golden Buckeye Cards

Applications are available in Reference on the second level of the library.

Guitar Lending


Reserve a guitar from the Grandview Heights Public Library (GHPL) and start making music!

Acoustic guitars are now available to borrow from GHPL, thanks to a grant from the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation.

The Foundation awarded $2,000 to GHPL for the lending program that provides four Yamaha acoustic guitars for patrons to check out and take home. The program focuses on music education through hands-on collaborative learning for all ages.

Each guitar checkout comes with a hardshell case, accessories, and instructional materials.

GHPL partnered with local business Guitar House Workshop to select the instruments and to provide routine maintenance.

Guitars are available and on display in Circulation on the second level of the library.

Guitars loan for 28 days with a GHPL card (3 renewals, if there are no other patron requests), are available only at GHPL (unavailable through our consortium), and must be returned to GHPL. Overdue fines are $1.25 per day. Patrons ages 18 & under must be accompanied by a parent to borrow a guitar. One loan per card.

GHPL was inspired to lend guitars by Licking County Library’s guitar and ukulele lending program.


Requests for materials can be placed in our online catalog by patrons or by asking a staff member. Once an item is being held, the patron is contacted by phone or email within a few hours. The item will remain on the hold shelf for five (5) days. Learn more from our Borrower’s Guide.

Homebound Delivery

On a weekly basis, a GHPL staff member will collect items for homebound patrons to be delivered by GHPL volunteers. Homebound patrons may prefer to place holds themselves or they may ask a staff member to make choices for them. Homebound patrons will not be charged overdue fees. When materials are delivered to a homebound patron, the returns will be picked up.

Homework Help

Students K-12 & adult learners can get homework help from an live, online tutor every day from 3-11 pm. Spanish help available in math & science Sunday-Thursday from 3-10 pm. Generously funded by the GHPL Foundation. Free Apple mobile apps.

Internet & WiFi Access

GHPL provides high-speed Internet service and wireless (WiFi) connection throughout the building, including for dedicated public machines in Reference on the second floor of the library.

GHPL also provides wireless Internet access in Grandview Parks. The project, funded with private money through the GHPL Foundation’s Endowment Fund, is offered in partnership with Grandview Parks and Recreation and the City of Grandview Heights.


Ten laptop computers are available for patrons to use inside the library.

  • Purchased with a grant from Connect Ohio.
  • For ages 18 or older with a GHPL card in good standing and a valid state-issued ID.
  • Available on a first come, first served basis.
  • For in-library use only. Leaving the library with the laptop or related equipment will be considered theft. Must be returned 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Do not leave laptop unattended. You are responsible for the laptop and all related equipment checked out on your GHPL card until everything is checked in. Replacement cost for the laptop is almost $1,000.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF printing is available. See a Reference staff member. (Printing: 10¢ per black & white copy; 25¢ per color copy.)
  • State-issued ID kept at the Reference desk during use and returned when laptop and all related equipment are returned.
  • All information entered on the laptop will be removed from the laptop when shut down; users should save all work on their own a disc, personal flash drive, or other device.
  • GHPL is not responsible for damaged or lost work due to virus or malfunction of equipment.
  • No changes to the laptop’s operating system or system files are allowed.
  • GHPL’s Internet Policy must be followed, available on the laptop’s screen or at the Reference desk.

Meeting Rooms

Schedule your next meeting in a professional space at the library. Our Meeting Room and Conference Rooms A & B are available free of charge for non-profit purposes only and can be reserved online.

Reference Services

Our Reference department on the second level of the library is your destination for authoritative information & assistance from professional librarians. Services & materials include:

  • Ask a Grandview Librarian: Call 614-481-3776.
  • 15 Windows 10 computers with Internet/Microsoft Office Suite 2013.
  • One computer with Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Winway Resume, Access, Publisher): two-hour sessions per day.
  • Computer printouts & copy machine: 10 cents for black and white, 25 cents for color.
  • Borrow a laptop (in-library use only; first-come, first-served).
  • Free digital scanning and $1/page domestic fax station.
  • Reserve a scanner for home use to digitize slides and negatives.
  • Three Study Rooms, with WiFi and dry erase boards (first-come, first-served).
  • More than 200 magazines and 10 newspapers.
  • Older newspapers on microfilm. Copies are 10 cents per page.
  • Local history, travel, and other local information and collections.
  • E-reader loans.
  • Golden Buckeye card applications.
  • Microfilm Reader/Printer/Scanner.
  • Obituary requests.
  • Test proctoring.
  • E-book, e-audiobook, and e-magazine download assistance.
  • Quiet Reading Room (no talking, group study, or cell phone conversations).
  • Digital projection equipment and instructions for the library’s Meeting Room and Conference Rooms.
  • Monthly art exhibit in computer room and display case next to the Reference Desk.


Digital scanning and faxing are available at a special station in Reference.

  • Digital scanning is free.
  • Please limit use to 15 minutes when others are waiting.
  • Send your scanned document (for free) to: Email, smartphone/tablet (you must have a QR code reader app downloaded to your phone), Google Docs, USB, SkyDrive (Microsoft docs), B&W printer ($.10 per page) or color printer ($.25 per page).
  • FAX: $1 per page (U.S. and Canada only).
  • Coin-operated station accepts $5 and $1 paper bills, and $.25, $.10, and $.05 coins.

School Services

Assignment Notifications
Teachers may contact Youth Services at 614-481-3776 for resource suggestions for student homework assignments. A minimum of two weeks’ notice required.

Book Lists for Students
Reserve student book lists compiled by GHPL staff.

Grandview 4th Grade Genre Lists

Teacher Collections
Teachers may contact Youth Services to have collections of books gathered for school use.

  • Minimum of 3 business days advance notice required; more notice may assure that we can pull a better collection for you.
  • Materials can be gathered by subject.
  • No requests will be taken for seasonal & holiday books, due to high demand. Seasonal & holiday items will be on display and available for check-out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In order to make materials available to as many library patrons as possible, a maximum of 2 copies per title may be checked out by an individual.
  • In order to make materials available to as many library patrons as possible, a maximum of five holiday or seasonal items may be checked out by an individual.
  • In some cases, materials may be shipped from other libraries in our consortium, which can require three to five additional business days.
  • To help serve everyone efficiently, please pick up your classroom collection on the requested pick-up date or call for an extension.
  • Email your request (click “Email Contact Form” and select “Teacher Request”) or contact Youth Services at 614-481-3778.

Ellison Die Cutter
A paper cutting machine is available to the public for in-library use in Youth Services on the lower level of the library. Choose from 50+ letters and designs. Please bring your own paper.

Grandview Heights School Student Cards
Student cards are provided to the Grandview Heights Schools each school year so that students who do not have them may access databases and downloadable items through our website.

Library Visits
Teachers may bring their class to the library for tours, research, assignments, and projects. Please reserve a date and time in advance with staff to alleviate any space or resource conflicts.

Outreach to Schools
Youth Services provides outreach services to Grandview preschools and day cares during the school year. The a Youth Services Outreach Coordinator provides each school or daycare with a book delivery and a story time each month. During the summer months, outreach is limited, but some services may be available to Grandview daycare or summer groups that wish to come to the library for weekly or monthly visits. Contact the Youth Services at 614-481-3778 or for more information.

Slide Scanner

Preserve images from your slides and negatives by digitizing them.

Reserve the “Jumbl 126PK Super 8 Slides & Negatives Scanner,” available from Reference as a 14-day loan you can take home.

  • For use only with 35 mm, 110, 126 KPK, and Super 8 slides and negatives.
  • Mac & PC compatible.
  • To save images:
    • After saving images onto scanner (saves up to 40 images at a time), activate scanner to open as a drive on your computer when connected by a USB cable (provided).
    • Insert your own SD memory card into the scanner.
  • TV connection available (cable included).


  • 14-day loan period.
  • Overdue fine is $3 per day.
  • Check out and return to Reference.

Questions? Contact Reference at 614-481-3776.

Smart board

A smart board is available for public use in Conference Room A.

Study Cubicles

Three, small enclosed rooms are available  in Reference on the second level of the library.

  • No reservations are possible: the rooms are “first come, first served” upon arrival.
  • Maximum of four (4) to a room.
  • No time restrictions in the amount of time used per day.
  • Each room includes electrical outlets for electronic devices, WiFi, white boards, coat hooks, four (4) office-style chairs on rollers, and a table.
  • Rooms are not sound proof.

Toner & Cell Phone Recycling

The library provides a recycling donation point for computer toner and phone recycling. Items may be dropped off at any of the public desks, and are recycled by SmartRecycling.

Used Book Donation Box

Used books in good condition can be donated by dropping them into the green Better World Books outdoor drop box in the main parking lot by the library lawn. This ongoing fundraising campaign replaces indoor book sales that were held throughout the year at the library.

The Friends of the Grandview Library have partnered with online bookstore Better World Books, which collects new and used books and resells them online in order to fund and support non-profit literacy groups.

The Friends receive a portion of the sales, which is used to support library programs, equipment, and other needs. 

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms are available at the Circulation desk on the second level of the library. Forms can be dated and mailed to the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Learn about statewide issues and get voter information from:

Get your forms at the library, available at the Circulation desk:

During elections, the following information may be available at a table just inside the library’s parking lot doors:

  • Voter Information Bulletins from the League of Women Voters of Ohio
  • Campaign literature from a variety of local candidates & groups

Wifi in Grandview Parks

Enjoy free wireless Internet service (WiFi) at select Grandview Parks and Recreation facilities, provided by GHPL.



  • Provides greater access to the library’s growing collection of digital content in our catalogs.
  • Promotes GHPL, Grandview Parks & Recreation, and City of Grandview Heights events.
  • Provides outside working space for individuals and businesses.
  • Supports the Grandview Heights City School District‘s 1:1 Computing, a program providing students in grades 9-12 with a mobile computing device.
  • Provides an emergency communication network for first responders in the event of a local disaster.